Getting Started

This could be my theme song — getting started on a new quilt, getting started on the new flower bed, or getting started on my new blog. I have a hundred quilt ideas, many flowers I want to plant and several thoughts I want to share with you. This really is a new phase in my quilting/design career. With the launch of this blog will also be the launch of my newly designed web site.

The new site design shares with you, as before, my Garden Trellis Designs patterns but also now the main source of my inspiration, my flower garden. So today I am posting photos taken this week. Here in Iowa we had a warm spell in the spring and some early summer flowers have already finished blooming.

Two years ago my garden was featured in a Master Gardener’s garden tour in the middle of June. This butterfly plant was not blooming yet. It is a relative of the “milk weed”. I have learned when a tag says this plant naturalizes it means it self seeds and you might find it anywhere in your garden. I actually have found it listed as “butterfly weed”.

I don’t even remember buying this double yellow daylily. I think this is its first bloom–maybe it is a seedling. I have at least one hybrid seedling that blooms a little later in the summer.

I love the ruffled edges on this daylily. When I do machine appliqué on this style edge, I use free-motion zigzag stitching to simulate the ruffles.



This is a close-up of the stitching on a daylily I did for a guild raffle quilt.




As well as getting started I have also been getting finished. My new book Playful Quilts for Colorful Kids will be going to press in a few days. I will share some sneak peeks soon.

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